Saturday, April 23, 2011

Pizza and Babies!

It's Friday night. 
Earlier, my mom was upstairs making pizza and I was in the basement with the babies getting very sleepy...

I was going to label a bottle of milk with the date and went to confirm with my mom on what day/ date it actually was. "Is it the 15th?"
My mom clued me in on the fact that it's actually the April 22nd. Wow.... (as a side note, someone else asked me today how long it's been since I delivered and I COULDN'T REMEMBER!) How bad is that?! My mom helped me with that one too. It's been three and a half weeks :) Thank goodness my mom is here to think for me!

Clearly I needed some rest, so I decided to lay down and take a rest with Finn since he was kind of restless. Then Carter started to stir so he joined me too.

Everett was in his bassinet close by, but soon enough he started fussing too. I called my mom away from her pizza making and she lifted Everett onto my stomach.

There we lay peacefully for a few minutes before my energetic two year old came in like a hurricane and announced that he wanted to eat his dinner on the couch right next to mommy and the babies. So he did. His food went everywhere and drops of juice slowly seeped out on the couch by my head. We didn't care. 

Our lives are a never ending cycle of feedings, changings, laundry, bottles, cuddling, rocking, and caring for Colin. It's exhausting, energizing and enormously fulfilling. 

We couldn't want for anything else right now. 

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