Friday, March 4, 2011


Dear little c,

Two years ago tonight I was working hard to bring you into the world. I love thinking back on that night and I can hardly believe that in a few hours you will officially be two years old. One of the things from that night, which stands out most in my mind, was how when they finally laid you on my chest and I got to look at your little face, my very first thought was, "Oh... it's you".

I can't explain it but it never felt like meeting for the first time, more like a reunion of sorts. You were always meant to be in our lives.

At two years old,

You can seriously fix almost anything and somehow know the difference between tools like a crescent wrench and a socket wrench, a Philips head screw driver and flat head screwdriver. In fact, you have over 50 tools that you keep in a real tool box and appropriately use for your household projects. When you decide to get to work, you bring over your tool belt, pick out the necessary tools and head to "work". It cracks us up every time.

You don't like taking time out of your busy schedule to eat. I started out hoping and planning to cook you organic this and that and now I'm just happy if you'll eat ANYTHING. I gave up forcing the food issue and instead bought you the cutest little belt to keep your pants up.

You love to sing.

You love to cuddle.

You love to give surprise attack tickles.

You wake us up in the morning by getting about an inch from our faces and saying "Hi!" in your sweetest but loudest voice. Even if it's way too early to get up, we can't help but laugh.

You are so curious and mechanically inclined..... just like Daddy. Just tonight you got into daddy's work backpack, got out the mouse and plugged it into the computer in the exact right spot because you wanted to use it. What?! Then, you figured out how to plug the i phone into the keyboard as well. Your mommy is not that mechanically inclined, so please do not start re-programing things on me.

You still have my eyes

You love all things sour, like sour patch kids and lemon slices.... just like me

You don't forget and can be very determined to get what you want..... which makes it very hard to distract you when you want something you can't have

You just started saying, "luvvv ooooo"

You are sweet, funny, determined and creative. What a privilege it is to get to be your parents.

Happy Birthday my little man.

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