Sunday, March 6, 2011

Birthday Party on the 9th floor!

In a culture where so often large birthday parties complete with jumpers, activities, catered food and lots of people can seem the norm, this party was pretty much the opposite!

It was a very low key celebration in a small hospital room with simple cupcakes, grandparents, a few aunts and uncles and sweet cousin macy. Prior to the party I was feeling sad that we couldn't celebrate in a bigger way (at least in a different location), or include his little friends, but Colin seemed to have the best time ever! 

 Colin couldn't have cared less that we were in a hospital room. He loved that so many of his favorite people, people who love him most, were all in the same room focused on him. He loved opening his presents, and kept pointing to the simple streamers and decorations hung to make the room feel more party like and less hospital like, as if they were the coolest. 

Kids can teach us so much about enjoying the simple things in life and also about what really matters. And what really matters really has nothing to do with location or material things. 

31 weeks today!!!!

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