Saturday, March 12, 2011

Today was a yucky day. I'm fighting a cold, feeling way overstretched and missing home. Of all days, this was the day one of the nurses decided to stop by and share stories of her brother and sister-in-law who have triplets and "Almost lost their minds the first year". She went on and on about how hard it was, how "The lights were on 24/7 because they just never ever slept", and on and on and on.

I felt trapped in bed by the weight of my belly and couldn't get away, so just kept saying, "It will be an adventure, that's for sure!", trying to end the conversation. She didn't take the hint. She asked if we had hired help lined up to which I said, "No, just family support". Wrong answer if you don't want to loose your mind apparently. Finally she shook her head as if there were no words for how difficult it would be.


I'm sure in some way she meant well and surely had no way of knowing that her words would bring tears as soon as she left, or that she was making an already taxing day worse. But let me tell you, that was not what I needed to hear today! I'm not expecting this journey to be easy and for that reason I've chosen to just take things one day at a time right now. Honestly, right now I'm rarely thinking about when the babies are home. Rather, I'm just trying mentally to keep them in my belly and keep peaceful, optimistic and calm in preparation for their birth. Again, taking it one day at a time.

My husband texted me and asked if he should drive downtown to give me a hug and I said, "YES". So he did. That simple act of kindness somehow made all the difference in the world. As long as I know I have him as my teammate, this will be okay. It just will.

Then he wheeled me down to the waiting room for a change of pace and there we waited for the rest of the crew to arrive bringing dinner.

brothers kicking!

They all reminded me of what a wonderful blessing we're receiving with these babies and although this isn't always easy right now, lots of joy is ahead...... and that it's okay to have bad days when you've been stuck in the hospital for 19 days.... and also that I should've just kicked that loose lipped nurse out of my room (that last part was my brother's suggestion)

We'll be just fine

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