Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 8 of hospital bed rest!

Well, I've been here a whole week. The week has gone pretty fast and we're settling in to this "new normal", figuring out the new routines at home, work and here. 

Today I had a pretty good day as far as being stuck in the hospital goes. Colin came to visit this morning, and we had a great time together playing with his cars. Before he arrived though, I went down to ultrasound to get a biophysical profile on the boys. I really enjoyed seeing them! They're cute little guys. The biophysical profile looks at how they're breathing, heart rates, positioning, and fluid levels (amongst other things I'm sure, but that's all I remember). The boys continue to do great and everything looks really good.

 I now have pictures of babies B and C by my bed but baby A couldn't get his full picture taken because he's SO LOW. Well, I didn't need an ultrasound to confirm that. I swear, I feel like he's just waiting for any opportunity to just jump out! Every day I have to have a little talk with him and tell him to stay in a bit longer. Actually, I have a talk with all the boys to hang on a little longer with me.

Baby C seems very comfy. I had to laugh because when the technician scanned C he was laying on his back with his arm hanging up over his head, partially covering his face. It was EXACTLY how I was laying on the ultrasound table and how I often lay in bed. And their antics were on display too. As baby C was getting his profile done, baby B's cute little hand kept coming into the picture and poking him. I guess they're keeping each other entertained in there. 

I'd hoped to get back to the room before little c arrived so that he didn't have to see me approach in a wheelchair but he beat me. As my 'escort' pushed me up to the door, there he was wide eyed and waiting. Without missing a beat Chris said, "Oh there's mommy, she was on a walk. Look, she's in a stroller!" Colin loved that, thought it was hilarious. I've been laughing about it at random times today too- "my mommy stroller". 

The doctor said that although each day the boys can stay in is wonderful, 32 weeks should be our next goal. So that's what we'll be praying for. 

Two more weeks.
Hang on boys!

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