Thursday, January 6, 2011


babies kicking!

Chillin' with Olive


I'm sitting in the middle of my living room which is just off the kitchen and everywhere I look it's a mess. There's a complete disaster of piles as far as the eye can see.

Lately I've had the decluttering bug BIG TIME. I feel so driven to get majorly organized and give away any belongings that we're not using on a regular basis so that we can chill in a clean, organized, 'ready for triplets' house.

The only problem is that my body isn't cooperating.

I'm almost 23 weeks and overall things are going great. Each of the boys are growing fantastic and are even above average in size which is amazing (I knew my cravings for copious amounts of mac and cheese would pay off!). Also, I'm not showing any signs of preterm labor (knock on wood) another great blessing.

However, my body is really starting to feel the weight of this pregnancy. An ultrasound two days ago revealed that Baby A is actually laying horizontal across the lowest part of my abdomen and as the day goes on he seems to nestle in lower and lower. And then the other brothers pile on top (at least that's how it feels!).

By mid day, I can almost hear my body screaming for me to just sit down, relax and shred my "to do" list. But my mind SO BADLY wants this house ready for the babies NOW that it's hard to stop tackling my list. It's not even like I'm doing that much, but just being on my feet for too long lately causes tremendous discomfort.

Our home, which we've been remodeling ourselves for two and half years, is almost done. We're truly SO CLOSE to the finish line which is very exciting. But there are a few semi-major projects that need finishing. AND I JUST WANT THEM DONE! NOW! And yes, I realize how impatient that sounds!

Today, during my weekly mom's bible study, the other women asked what they could pray for me about. I said the consistent prayer that I have about the health of my babies, that they grow and thrive and stay put for as many weeks as possible. My hope is to carry them 35 weeks. However, today I also asked that they specifically pray that my body can endure.

Well, I've been thinking about this all day and I realize that what I really should have asked for in prayer, is not only that my body can go the distance, but that I can accept the need to slow down, have the courage to ask for help, and faith that this home will be ready to welcome our boys."

I love when my husband offers to help by rubbing my back, or my feet, but it's hard to ask for help with things that I normally could to for myself quickly and efficiently, such as organizing the kitchen, carrying boxes to the garage, moving things to storage, and running errands". This recent challenge is revealing just how hard it is for me to slow down and ask for help. But I'm going to try to do so and have faith that it will all get done. Somehow. Someway.

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