Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My little handyman

Oh Colin..... you are such the little helper. You really are always looking to help mommy and daddy. Especially if it involves using tools. It is probably the cutest thing ever but also can sometimes cause more work for mommy and daddy :)

(helping daddy with the tree, offering to hold the tree clippers (ahhh no!), helping pop-pop seal the windows, helping daddy shovel the back walk)

Just today, you had your toy wooden hammer, toy screw driver, tape measures and other household tools you find useful (think wine stopper, random spring coil, electric baby mucus extractor, electric nose hair clippers. Side note: I often have NO IDEA where he finds these things around the house but good luck trying to take them back). He carries them all around in his special bucket.

Anyway, I thought, "Oh how cute that he's pretending- key word pretending- to hammer where the stockings are hung". And then I turned my head FOR A SECOND and when I turned back you had hammered down every nail and the stockings were in a pile on the floor! You were already trying to pry the bent nails out of the wall with the wine stopper!

I ran over and half laughing, said "What are you doing?!"

You were SOOOO proud of your work. Just look at this smile.

File this under: This kid is NOT PRETENDING when using his tools.

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