Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I'm a boy mom!

Well, it's official. I have FOUR SONS! Did I ever imagine typing that? No! But then again, I never thought I'd have triplets either.

I must admit that growing up I always pictured having a daughter. I've even had a girl name picked out forever! When I learned that our triplets were all boys, I was more shocked than anything (btw I read that the chances of having 4 fraternal boys in a row are around 12 percent). I always pictured having at least one daughter, playing barbies, store, house, shopping for cute clothes, and then having a close adult relationship like the one I share with my own mother.

Being a mom to four boys was just not something I ever imagined. However, when I picture four brothers so close in age all running around together doing their boy thing (maybe Saturdays spent watching Notre Dame football, rough housing in the family room, star wars, Harry Potter, soccer), it makes me smile. It's a dream come true but one I never even knew I had.

I'm reminded again of what a returned peace corps volunteer told me when I was 22 years old, on the day before I flew to Madagascar to live in a remote village for two years. He said:

"Whatever you're imagining your peace core experience to be, I can promise you one thing. It will be different. My best advice is to just go with flow and enjoy the journey. If you go against the current, you're just going to have problems and frustration. Instead, be like a cork in water and go with flow. It will take you to a destination far different than what you ever imagined. But guess what? It will be even better".

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