Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A good night's sleep- so close I can almost imagine it!

Our new KING BED was delivered today! Wohoo! I'm so excited!

Why upgrade from a queen size to a king, you ask?

This picture (not at all staged) pretty much sums it up:

Although Colin always starts in his own bed, he often ends up in ours, which actually, we totally love and support. That said.... he tends to end up spread across the middle of the bed while Chris and I each have about an inch or so on the very edges. As depicted in the above picture, it's not uncommon to have a foot spread across your face while you sleep. It's amazing how as parents, you just somehow adjust, isn't?

Between Chris, myself, Colin, Olive (our dog), and my ever growing belly, our queen size bed just wasn't cutting it anymore!

Oh, how good it will feel to be able to stretch out and drift off to sleep.....

I can't help but laugh and wonder though, what will happen if the triplets also somehow end up in bed with us? Maybe we'll need two king size mattresses pushed together??

Kidding! (I hope)

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