Monday, December 6, 2010

Four years!

Tonight was date night in celebration of our 4 year anniversary!
Let's get CRAZY. Let's get married, travel for a year, then buy a run-down chicago bungalow and have four kids in less than 3 years.
Oh wait, never mind. That's our life.

Before our date, this was the scene in the living room:

and then a pic with my love:

We left colin with pop-pop and uncle G and headed out to Hot Chocolate. YUM! I started out by ordering a salad, and the waitress said, "Will that be it for you"?
I almost laughed out loud.
"Are you kidding woman? I've got 3 babies in here! I'm just getting warmed up."
I'm pretty sure we ate almost everything on the menu and I walked out so full and happy, even though I felt as though I was 12 months pregnant.

Over dinner we talked baby names, how fun it is to watch colin grow, and basically how much life has changed since these pictures were taken:

(taken on our honeymoon in the Turks and Caicos)

Life is sweet, that's for sure.

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