Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Pure Joy

This month, I made a promise to myself not to take a pregnancy test until at least 12 days had past, for my own sanity. That way, if it's not what I want to see, I only have to deal with one disappointment rather than viewing negative test after negative test. It's just gotten too hard.

But this morning I broke that promise with myself. It's only been 9 days since my IUI but I just couldn't resist.

AND IT WAS POSITIVE. (envision: jaw dropping to floor, eyes bugging out of head). Whhhhhaaaaattttt?!?!?!?! Is this for real?!

I'm PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I ran down the hall calling little c's name (Chris was at work). "Colin, you're going to be a big brother!" He hugged me. Although he's too young to understand what I was telling him, he knows happiness when he sees it- and he felt it too. (Either that or he just thinks I'm nuts)

We took this picture:

After the initial excitement had subsided a bit, the news sunk in more and more. I couldn't stop staring at the stick with two lines. This is real....

I literally dropped to my knees, right there on the bathroom floor and with tears in my eyes thanked God for this this gift.

We went downstairs and on my computer was an e-mail from Chris asking if Colin and I wanted to come get him for lunch.

Hell yes we would!

We pulled up, Chris got in the car and I told him how I'd broken my promise to myself and tested early. Then I told him that the result was positive. Pretty darn positive. And I showed him the stick. Here was his reaction:

I'm pregnant. I love saying that!

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