Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lazy Days

Today may have been one of the laziest days of all time. I was SOOOOO tired. Can I blame it on the last two, intense weeks of fertility "stuff"?

I could have slept until noon easily. However, I was awakened nose to nose by little c (he'd been in our bed since about 5:00 a.m.). We cuddled and dozed some more until around 8:30 (one of the few benefits of him being SO off schedule from vacation is that since he's up later, he sleeps slightly later).

I made one cup of coffee while wishing I could down the WHOLE pot (I'm trying to limit my caffeine since the IUI and all).

This was our day:

  • Cuddled on the couch in our p.j.s watching a little of "The View" and a lot of "Sesame Street".
  • Moved upstairs to do laundry, got dressed. Really, we cranked up the music and danced around. Having a toddler allows you to be as silly as you want. Colin LOVES my silly dancing and he's right there with me showing off his moves.
  • Got tired and took a nap together. I got up just before he did so I organized a bag of socks I've been meaning to go through forever. Whatever socks did not have a partner, I tossed. It was liberating.
  • Woke up, we moved downstairs and I made him a beautiful, very tasty open faced cheddar cheese sandwich. I used an english muffin, spread copious amounts of butter on it, and then melted cheddar on top in the oven. My mouth was watering. I carefully cut it into bite size pieces and offered it to the king sitting in his high chair. He wanted nothing to do with it. So I cut up fruit- same deal....
  • Took him out of the high chair and he sat next to me on a bar stool as we watched t.v. and I ate a snack. Whenever a commercial would come on with a song, he'd start dancing, and then would look at me and point. So I'd dance too.

I may not have gotten much of anything done today (except for the sock bag), but I sure had fun with my little man.

Cuddling, laughing, napping, and dancing with your baby is not a bad way to pass the day. I highly suggest it.

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