Thursday, April 15, 2010

Living the dream

Today was a great day. The weather here in Chicago was as perfect as it gets. Warm, but not too warm. A breeze, but not too much of a breeze. A few clouds in the sky but just enough sun to keep warm and make you feel good!

Our plans for the day consisted of heading to a play date downtown. After mapping it on my phone, I decided the 5 mile walk was doable.

And it was. What a difference being outside makes. I reclined c's stroller and he laid down, curled up with two giraffes, and fell asleep. What it must feel like to sleep like this while someone gently pushes you along....

Tonight, Chris called and said that he'd be stuck at work late, so I alone got the LM bathed and ready for bed. Then I brought him downstairs to grab some milk before I planned to put him in his crib. He shook his head "no" he didn't want milk.

All he seemed to want was me.

And then he pulled his giraffe over his eyes, curled into me as much as he could, and buried his head in my neck. So I sat down on the couch next to the open window and held him as we both felt the warm breeze and listened to the cars passing by.

Seriously, does life get any better than this?

Screw the "sleep trainers" that emphasize never straying from routine, never rocking them to sleep, and letting them "cry it out". While holding Colin, I realized that this is what feels right to me as a mom. While I know he won't remember this moment when he's older, I hope that on some level he internalizes these experiences of togetherness and holds on to them.

I know I will.

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