Monday, March 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Love

Today is my husband's 34th birthday.

He's in Chicago and I'm in Michigan blogging from my childhood bedroom while little c sleeps next door in my brother's childhood bedroom.

What's wrong with this picture?! I want to be at home celebrating with my love. Why aren't we all together?

Because of this:

This bathroom renovation has become the monkey on our backs, or to my husband the ultimate challenge. And safe to say, we're both ready for this challenge to be over so we can sit in the tub and drink wine while watching t.v. and listening to music through the speaker system. Oh...... how wonderful that will be!

This was a project that we thought might take all of Christmas break. Then, it got pushed back until end of February. Now, we are hoping to get it functional by Easter with the finishing touches done by May. If anyone can do this, it's my husband. He's a handyman wizard that one.

Why all the delays? Simple. Life gets in the way. A project deadline at work, the flu, family in town, and one little boy who loves to play with his dad are just some examples of life getting in the way. And I'm thankful for a husband who will drop everything to play a game of chase with his son.

So last week, my husband suggested that on his birthday, I take the little man and head to Michigan for the week in order to give him time to work on the bathroom. Wh- what? You want us to leave? On your birthday? Is this fishy??

But really, other than it being his birthday, we agreed that the timing was perfect, for us to get out of town and him to crank.

That's why today, I'm reminded of a quality that I so admire in him- and worry about sometimes.

He puts everybody else first. He's the most selfless, kind, extraordinary person I know.

And he's mine. I mean, this is a guy that volunteers to get up early with our kid on weekends WAY more than I do, so that I can sleep in!

And I know that there's one main reason he's home spending his birthday working on that bathroom:

and he's wearing the orange, blue and white stripped sleeper.

The other reasons probably have something to do with drinking lots of beer, eating frozen pizza's and leaving all the toilet seats up. All this and no diapers to change!

But don't worry, I do have a surprise birthday date planned for this weekend.....

Happy Birthday Baby. I love you more than you could ever know.

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