Tuesday, March 16, 2010

No joke

Chris and I got our asses kicked this weekend. By monday morning, my husband and I looked like we'd just participated in one of those crazy sleep studies I remember seeing advertised in college-

"stay awake for 48 hours and let us observe what happens.... earn 20 dollars".

The culprit?

One toddler ear infection. They are no joke! C was basically up all night friday night, all night saturday night and all night sunday night. I felt so bad for the poor little guy.... but I also felt bad for us! Being first time parents, we thought he just had some sort of flu (he had a 101.6 temp on saturday) but it didn't occur to us that he might have an ear infection. Duh.

Around 2 a.m. saturday night, we were trying anything and everything to help get him comfortable so he could sleep. He seemed to be most comfortable while laying either on me or on chris. So in bed with us he crawled and he laid right on top of me, squirming and squirming to try and get the just right position until finally... he fell asleep. HALLELUJAH! I knew I'd be sleeping in this contorted position on the very edge of the bed for as long as this kiddo would stay asleep! I didn't dare move.

Hmmm.... Even though I was so uncomfortable and probably in a sleep deprived, delusional haze, there was something so yummy and sweet about him in that moment.

Chris reached over and squeezed my hand. We didn't have to say anything.

We're parents :)

Sometimes I can still hardly believe it

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