Friday, October 9, 2009

The Rose

Finally, someone has come into my life who appreciates my singing. Growing up I loved to sing and perform. I suck at singing. I mean I'm really terrible. I remember long car trips with my family where my brothers would beg me to "shut up". I know that I'm no Celine, but I think I have a decent voice. Those that love me most tell me that I'm wrong.
That is until the little man arrived!
He loves my voice.
A few weeks ago while watching Oprah (doesn't every stay at home mom watch Oprah?!) Jennifer Hudson said that she sings Bette Midlers 'The Rose' to her newborn son. "What a great idea", I thought. I looked up the words online and sang them to my son. He grinned and looked at me transfixed.
I'm finally a star!
So today, while stuck in traffic in the heart of Chicago, the little man became restless. He started crying. Then wailing. What to do, what to do....
The Rose.
With all the gusto as if I were a top recording artist singing at the grammys I began, "some say love....." He stopped crying, smiled and eventually feel asleep.
I laughed.
Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I'd be driving through downtown Chicago in the rain, belting out Bette Milder's 'The Rose' as if my life depended on it. 
With someone who actually enjoys it.
Now I'm aware that certainly by his teenage years if not sooner, he will join the others who loving tell me, "Jess, you can't actually sing".
But for now..... I am as good as it gets.
Oh the bliss.
I love being a mom.

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