Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Perfect Fall Day

Fall is here. C and I are at my parents house in Michigan. He's going to be baptized here this weekend. I'm also babysitting my friends 65 lb bulldog! Wow. The weather is cold, damp and windy.... perfect for staying inside and snuggling, which is what we did all day! Well, not all day....C is now on the move. Last week he moved from creeping to full on crawling and pulling to stand. He likes to try these new skills out as much as he can! What joy it is to watch him explore and discover his capabilities. He got a new toy to try out on this chilly fall day. It's a small table with lots of lights, sounds, colors and activities on top. I remember when a neighbor gave this to us when c was only 3 months old. I thought the time when he'd be able to stand and play at it was soooo far in the future. Well, here we are. I'm sure that I'll be talking about the bittersweet nature of his growing up for the rest of my life. 

Today, while snuggling in bed with c after his mid morning nap, he took his pacifier out of his mouth and tapped it to mine and so I playfully tugged at it with my teeth. He laughed and pulled it back as if to say, "Mine!". Then he tapped it against my mouth once again with a smile on his face and that twinkle in his eye. We did this again and again and laughed and laughed. I thought to myself, "This is why I'm so happy that I decided to stay home with him instead of work outside the home." What could be better than these moments? Certainly nothing that I could ever find in the material world.

I'm going to go light my pumpkin candle, watch the leaves continue to fall, feed the beast (the bulldog), and enjoy watching my son play in the background, knowing we had a wonderful day together.

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