Monday, September 14, 2015

First Day of Preschool!

Everett, Carter and Finley had their first day of preschool today! They did awesome! Mommy on the other hand was way more emotional than she expected! (More on that in a minute.)

This was kind of funny to me. So in my mind, I thought maybe the boys might wear cute, coordinated but not too matchy matchy outfits on their first day..... because wouldn't that be cute?? :-)

Small problem. You see, these are the same boys with whom we've been so mindful about always reminding them that they are each their own unique, special, person!! They are not just "the triplets", they are Carter, Finley, and Everett, each special, unique and different! So on their first day of school, it should probably be no surprise that they each had a clear, unique opinion about what they wanted to wear, and coordinating outfits was no part of it. Each choice was different and each choice was so fitting to their personality.

Carter wore his sports shorts with a funny (and orange- his current favorite color!) alligator shirt. Finley wore comfy pants (because comfort is everything) and a shirt depicting a shark fishing for pizza (because.... fishing!). Everett went for arguably the most sophisticated choice, a collared polo with corduroy pants.

So them.

After taking a few pictures on the front step, we start the drive to preschool. And I am so not even emotional about this. I mean, it's just preschool, it's just a few times a week for short periods of time, and they are SO READY!

And then I glance back at them in the rear view mirror as we sit at a stop light and for some reason all I can think about is the day we brought them home (same minivan, smaller carseats) from the NICU. 

That was just yesterday, wasn't it??

I remember when we got the okay to bring them home from the NICU, feeling like I couldn't get out of there fast enough.

This picture is blurry because I'm booking it with these babies!


That night, when they were finally home, under our roof, fully in our care, it was such a relief (not that they weren't getting amazing care in the NICU, because they were! But for obvious reasons, it feels good and comforting to have your babies home, under your own protection, love and care).

And since that day, they've been in our care. For awhile we were admittedly a little overprotective, worried about germs and the like. There are few people I've trusted to care for them when we can't.

But now we begin the process of nudging them out of the nest with the smallest of first steps. Preschool, just a few times a week, for a couple of hours. 

No big deal.

And yet, glancing at them in the rear view mirror and remembering how far they've suddenly feels like a big deal.

We are so proud of them! Already, they are even stronger than they know.

Be good to them world. 

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