Monday, May 25, 2015

Mystery Spots, a Mini-Vacation, and Time with a soon to be Two Year Old!

I feel as though I should share how the rest of our week went after my last posting (although I've really tried to block it out). The week didn't get less exciting, in fact, by Wednesday Finn woke up with spots all over his body. I was juuuussst a little freaked out. By Thursday, Carter also had the same strange spots. It was the weirdest thing. Very, very long story short, it was likely caused by a virus and by the weekend they were doing much better. However, it was a long week, in part because we couldn't really go anywhere. I mean, the boys looked horrible, even though they felt okay and since they felt okay, they had a lot of energy, which only increased the longer they were housebound.

This picture was taken after they were doing much better.... ahhhh these two birds. 
By the weekend though, we were assured that Finn and Carter were absolutely no longer contagious and were able to take an overnight trip with Carter and Colin, to my parent's house. They were all JUST a little excited about this trip! From what I hear, there was a lot of rock hunting (my boys are very into rocks lately... as a boy mom, I'm learning.....), treasure hunting, and a trip to the Farmer's market which resulted in balloon swords. They had a ball! And once again, I feel just so thankful that the boys are able to spend quality time like this with my parents.

Owen stayed back with Chris and I and let me just say it was a little strange and quite delightful to only have one kid to look after! Holy smokes, life was kind of a dream! I mean, it's a DREAM with five kids don't get me wrong ;-) but it's also dreamy to remember what it was like to have just one child to care for and spend time with.  Life when we had just Colin seems like a lifetime ago. And after five, caring for "just one" feels infinitely easier. We've never had this kind of one on one time with Owen and although I'm guilty of saying that Owen can be kind of a "pistol" I realized that actually he's NOT hard and he's REALLY super easy going, when one on one! He also seemed to relish having us all to himself because when we'd ask him if he missed his brothers he'd say, "NO" and shake his head. Ha!  (I must add, lest you think he hates having all these brothers, that when they were reunited, there were big hugs and tackles all around).

Eventually we picked up the brothers and found our way back home again. Which brings us to now. Two years ago right now, I was sitting in a hospital room getting to know our Owen. He was just one day old and today was the day he met his four older brothers (although Colin had met him just hours after he'd been born). Watching Colin, Carter, Everett and Finn all excitedly, yet timidly (is that possible?? That's how it felt) charge into the hospital room and then so gently hold their little brother, wearing their "I'm a big brother!" t-shirts, is obviously something I'll never, ever forget. They were so genuinely excited to welcome another.

Owen is such a special kid. I call him my "luvie" because he's like a little teddy bear and has always loved to cuddle. He's feisty. Seriously, don't mess with him. You push him, he WILL push you back. He goes with the flow..... and yet he also knows what he wants and will be very vocal about getting it if need be! He wants to do EVERYTHING that his brothers do, and is often successful at doing it! I seriously think this kid is going to take off on a bike with training wheels soon simply because the tricycle just isn't what his brothers are doing.

He just fits. Owen filled a place in our family and a spot in my heart that could only be filled by him.

Owen, we love watching you grow! You are unique and special and oh so loved by your brothers, your Dad and me. We couldn't love you more!

Here he is having breakfast over the weekend. Doesn't he look miserable being stuck with only mom and dad for two days?

Happy Birthday!!!

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