Monday, May 18, 2015

Oh what a Monday!

Can I just take a minute to re-cap this day while I sip a glass of wine?

By 10:30 a.m. Owen and I were hanging out together in Urgent care, with his lip split open good and blood covering his pants and shirt. The cause was a freak playground accident involving a slide, a block and a brother. Poor kid! It's not always easy growing up with four older brothers who you want to keep up with!

Lovely huh?
I was hoping to just go to our pediatrician's office but because it was possible Owen would need stitches (nooooo, not again!), the pediatrician advised us to go to Urgent care. I was praying that Urgent care would somehow be empty on a Monday morning, but alas, it was packed. We waited and waited and waited some more. Then a lovely physician's assistant came in and I kid you not, this guy (who was nice as can be!) looked like he was 15 years old. Am I just getting old???

Anyway, as it turns out, Owen did not need stitches (YAY!!!) and his cut should heal just fine.

On our way to Urgent care, I got a message from our pediatrician confirming that Everett's strep test came back positive. Poor Everett (except not really bc they started him on medicine last Friday anyway and he's doing great now!)

By 3:00, Carter had spiked a fever of 102. Poor Carter, I did not see that coming! So now Carter and I have a date at the pediatrician's office tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. (bc he's already on antibiotics so it's confusing why he would spike a fever).

Between Owen's lip, Everett's test results, and Carter's fever, I talked with "Sheila, the advice line nurse" (that's how she answers the phone), at our pediatrician's office, four times today! We're buds now. "Oh hey Sheila, it's Jess again...."

So then at 4:00, Chris got his wisdom tooth pulled.

Boy were we all a sight to see around the dinner table. Chris in his post tooth pull state, Carter laying on a couch pulled up by the table, and Owen, trying to eat with his lip still split open.

I hate when my guys aren't feeling well and/or get hurt! Not fun. But of course, it could always be worse. Also, I'm really hoping that the rest of the week is less "exciting"!

Cheers to that!

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