Thursday, April 9, 2015

Welcome to Michigan Grandmother!

Aye yai yai, what a spring break week this is turning out to be! More details on our adventures in parenting (read: challenges in parenting!) in an upcoming post but for now I'd love to share the biggest bright spot in our week so far.

On Tuesday the boys and I went to visit my 94 year old grandmother to help welcome her to her new home in Michigan! She moved all the way from her home state of Pennsylvania. I think it's very brave of her to make such a big move at her age and we are so happy to have her close by now!

It was fun to watch the boys with her. They were pretty gentle and enjoyed seeing her new digs. As you might imagine, five little boys parading through an assisted living facility, makes a lot of old people's day. ;)

Spending time with her was such a blessing. She's such a role model for approaching life's changes with determination, courage, acceptance, grace and humor. How lucky our boys are to be able to know their great grandmother. And now, to be able to visit her often!

My Uncle Dave and cousin Sarah were also visiting and it was wonderful catching up with them too. They were an amazing team, flying Grandmother safely to Michigan and I'm so grateful for their role in this process!

My cousin Sarah planned an egg hunt for the boys which they LOVED! It's always fun to see and spend time with family, even if the visit is short!

Colin is also showing off his rock collection in this picture

Checking out fishing pictures on Uncle Dave's phone

Egg Hunt!

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