Thursday, January 1, 2015

How this Mom of Five Spent New Years Eve.

Last night was CRAZY.

haha, just kidding. Here's how I brought in the New Year:

I decided to pour myself a very large glass of wine and sort/ organize EVERY LAST TOY IN THIS HOUSE, while listening to Serial. It was perfection!

My 23 year old self would be absolutely horrified by this, but my current self thinks starting the new year with the toys organized and put away feels reaaaalllly good. And I've got to believe that there are at least a few moms out there giving me the slow clap right now, saying "Good for you." 

Christmas and the onslaught of new toys, combined with the fact that our "old" toys hadn't been cleaned up for a while, meant that there were toys everywhere and that they were all mixed together. Something I've learned about myself is that the more disorganized the house is.... the more batty I feel as I try and patiently parent my boys. Because when everything is a mess, they don't play as mindfully or creatively with each toy. And when everything is a mess, I feel distracted by it and in turn, less present.

So, about every three months I get after it all!

Here I am at about 10:00:

 Here is the same space just before midnight:

Anyone spot Olive??
The truth is that neither Chris or I have ever been huge fans of New Years Eve. Seems like a lot of hoopla. And I know that might sound lame to a lot of people. But luckily, Chris and I are together so we're totally cool with both being lame about New Years. :-)

While I worked in the basement, Chris worked on the garage (getting rid of what we no longer need and organizing the rest). It's something that he's been wanting to tackle for a while. Fast forward to this morning, I heard Carter shriek, "Mom! Come see this, you won't believe it!!!" 

And of course I ran over because I assumed, that someone flooded something or that there was some catastrophe going on. Finn and Owen followed me, neither one wanting to miss the action. But really, he just wanted to show me that our mini-van was actually pulled into the garage.


Just after midnight, we stopped working, made some pizza and stayed up way too late for our own good, eating pizza and talking a little about this next year.

In my eyes, it was an excellent, though undoubtedly low key, New Years Eve.

Just perfect for us.

Happy New Year Everyone!!!


Karen said...

We cleaned out and organized last weekend (mostly because Thomas decided staying in his pack n play was no longer necessary, so we needed a new room for him) and it feels SO good to walk around our house now. Feels like I lost twenty pounds! So big clap from me :)

Jessica said...

I totally agree about how good it feels!! Slow clap right back at ya! I'm trying to picture where you put Thomas....

Karen said...

I put pics on our blog of our house reorganization. Girls in our closet. Thomas in the closet they used to be in. So we have three kids in two closets, a bedroom used as a playroom, and our bedroom. We make our small space work!