Friday, July 25, 2014

Family Beach Night, Boy Mom Style

We try to have a family beach night as often as we can. Family beach night basically means as soon as we finish dinner, we bike over to the beach closest to us and spend about an hour on the beach.

Which in Miller boy terms, means an hour of WORK. Because what else is there to do at the beach except dig? And dig. And dig. And dig. 

So tonight, we get to the beach, park our bikes and march down to the water's edge, shovels in hand. On our way there, a group of passers-by observe: "That's a lot of boys." 

"Yup, it is." I say.

We find our spot and immediately they fan out and get to work. 

Me? Well, I unfold my beach chair, sit down for the first time all day, watch them and smile.

My boys.

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Persephone Nicholas said...

Lovely post. I have two boys, reading this makes me feel like having one or two more : ).