Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A few more pictures from our weekend in NY:

Julie and Joe's BBQ Friday night:

A toast to Brian:

After the memorial service, many people gathered across the street from the Church for a reception. It was the same room that people gathered in after my Grandparents' funeral too.

My family:


My grandparents lived next door to the same neighbors (meaning, the same neighbors up and down the street) for over 50 years. I think this is so astonishing. They all moved in at about the same age, raised kids together and have stayed ever since. It was good to see them and so nice of them to come to the service.

Lily is my cousin Julie's baby girl and so darling!

My uncle Mike, Aunt Lori and cousins. I love this picture of them:

Here is RJ (my cousin Julie and Joe's little boy) and Chris, (my cousin Tracy's son) at the reception. Understandably, they were too busy to pose :)

And finally from the reception, here is my Aunt Pat, who is maybe the strongest person I know, with Uncle Mike and my Dad.

A final toast to Brian at the Reunion Bar Saturday night:

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