Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Tonight before bed, you were a complete mess. I think that you tripped on the rug between the bath and your room and it was over from there. You just couldn't get it together. Overtired + one boo boo too many= game over.

So I rocked you in the big green chair while nursing Owen. At first you were complaining that Owen was kicking you and bugging you and you still couldn't seem to settle yourself. Finally I asked if you had any ideas about how I could help you feel better and quietly, between sobs, you said, "Let's sing the Christmas tree song."

And so we did. On a hot, humid June night we rocked and sang, "Oh Christmas Tree". Owen, wide eyed in the dark room, just listened and kept drinking himself to sleep. He doesn't care what we sing so long as he's got the boobs.

Carter, you love singing 'Oh Christmas Tree' with me. Something about that song, maybe the rhythm of it? or perhaps a sweet memory of us singing it together? resonated with you and in turn the request for a rendition of 'Oh Christmas Tree' comes up from time to time.

It calmed you right away and soon you were asleep. So was Owen. I placed Owen in his crib and then  carried you carefully to your bed in your green zip up pjs and tucked you in. Just so you know, I'd sing 'Oh Christmas Tree' to you every night.

Last Friday it was your turn for "special time" with Mommy and Daddy. We took you out to breakfast and you chose the jelly filled donut and pancakes. We loved getting that time with you and love watching you grow!

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