Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Five Years

Dear Colin,

On the night after you were born I remember being surprised at how frequently newborns wanted to eat. I honestly thought babies slept for longer stretches. HA!

Boy did I have a lot to learn about babies! And YOU. You taught me. You taught me how to be a Mommy.

We were buddies instantaneously. I often think back on that first night after you were born, when I held you against me, in that quiet, dark hospital room. I remember feeling like there was SO much I still didn't know about babies and yet also feeling so completely whole and at peace. I'd love to go back just for a few minutes and relive that quiet, snuggly night getting to know you.

Time marches on and now you are FIVE!

From the kitchen counter where I prepare meals and clean up, I have a direct view of your workshop. Most afternoons you can be found there working and tinkering with things.

Here you are today, being silly. You built that swing door for when you want to close shop. In other words, to keep your brothers out. haha!

You built most of this. For example, when we took a plastic cover off an IKEA picture frame (which would have been discarded) you swooped in out of nowhere saying, "I'll take this!". It became the front of your workshop and it was a clever solution to a problem you were having. Little hands reaching in and grabbing things.

We say that it's your responsibility to keep your workshop tidy but truthfully it's a mess most days! You know where everything is though. To you it's not a mess, it's just a busy work zone!

Know this, I LOVE watching you work. It makes me smile every time I see you in there happy as a clam, building stuff. It makes loading the dishwasher and making meals much more entertaining!

Today, we had a blast celebrating your birthday. So much fun, that I'm exhausted! So I'm going to post pictures from your "workshop party" tomorrow!

We love you so much little c and thank God for you every day,

Happy Birthday!!!!

Here you are with your brothers, excitedly waiting for your party to start!

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