Friday, March 28, 2014

Colin's family birthday party

On the eve of the triplet's birthday, I realized that I forgot to post pictures from Colin's family party. I really wanted to because we had such a great time and appreciated all the family that were able to come in town for it.

My father in law with Owen

Colin wanted to do the same thing as he did with his friends. Build something and have cake!
So we did.
Macy and her Dad, my brother Kyle hard at work

All girl!

These two crack me up.  

"Mace, I got this"
And then there's these two:

Reese and Owen are four months apart in age. Is it just me or do they look quite similar here??

I'm always grateful when family can get together for any occasion! It was especially fun to watch the cousin's together. 

And now, there's lots to do to prepare for our fire truck birthday party for the triplets tomorrow! 

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