Saturday, February 8, 2014

Another trip around the sun

I turned 37 years old on Wednesday. I actually had to think about how old I was and confirm with my dear friend Taber who practically shares a birthday. Her birthday is the 4th and when we lived close enough, we'd always celebrate together. For our 21st we actually rented out a bar and had quite a party. That seems a lifetime ago now. When I asked her what she was doing for her birthday this year she said, "Going to T's!" (our old favorite bar).

"Really?!" (I was impressed)

No, not really,  "I'm having cake with Chris and the kids" 

"Me too!" (and yes, we both married Chris's!)

Anyway, celebrating my 37th birthday surrounded by my husband and my children sounds just right. On Wednesday I had to work and I came home to find the house completely decorated. As I drove down our street and started to approach the driveway, I saw lots of little eyes peering out through the windows. On watch duty.

Then as soon as I pulled in the driveway, the eyes disappeared, and I could picture them all running around yelling, "She's here! She's here!"

Before I was even on the front walkway the door was swung open and the boys were yelling stuff about my birthday and the house and presents. They surrounded me in hugs and I almost lost my balance.

They make me feel so special.

So lucky.

The first present I opened was a can opener. I was thrilled because we need a can opener! And it was just what I expected, little gifts from the boys. Nothing fancy. That's OK because I don't need fancy. Their eyes at the window and the running around yelling "She's HERE!!", and them opening the door and the hugs that threw me off balance was ENOUGH.

But then I opened the second present and before I tell you what it was, I should tell you that I don't cry when opening gifts. I just don't.

But when I opened it I cried.

Inside the messily wrapped, kid colored and way over taped paper, was an apron covered in my children's hand prints.

I can only imagine the chaos and hard work involved in coordinating an activity like this with our five boys! I mean we're talking ten hands, including three two year olds and permanent paint! That is a dangerous combination!!

And yet, Chris tackled it. And it made this mama very happy.


Kathryn said...

Love the apron, but there is a part of me that would love to be at T's celebrating as well.

Mama to four little blessings! said...

Kate- ahaha! How fun would it be to meet for drinks and maybe a little Karaoke, at T's?!