Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Day 19 and 20

Day 19: Coffee!

Day 20: Grateful for this moment with my boys:

I worked today. I left early this morning and returned just before dinner. I tried to feed the boys a pot roast that I painfully prepared in the crock pot last night. They liked it just so so. Chris had work until 6:45 so that left a chunk of time where it was just me and the boys. Sometimes that goes okay and sometimes it feels really hard to manage!

I don't eat meat but I was starving and so I poured myself a bowl of cereal. I thought I was being sneaky but the boys saw me. Kids do not miss a thing do they?! Then they wanted some.

"Okay fine" I said reluctantly. Truthfully, I was disappointed that they'd rejected my pot roast and I felt like saying they had to eat more roast before cereal!

The trips all climbed up on bar stools in the kitchen to eat, except that we only have three bar stools so that left Colin out.

"Where will I sit?!" He whined

"I'll sit on the floor with you, Colin" I responded.

Sitting on the floor to eat is not commonplace in our house but Owen was laying on the floor smiling and chewing on his feet so it seemed to make sense.

"Sure! That's a great idea Mommy!"

Well then before I knew it, all of the boys wanted to eat on the floor with us! They clumsily grabbed their bowls and hoped off their seats to join us.

Before I knew it, I was surrounded by my boys, all of us sitting on the kitchen floor, eating our bowls of cereal. It was strangely quiet and strangely awesome.

I felt the urge to take a picture, it felt that special. They all looked so cute and excited. But taking a picture would have meant getting up to get my camera, and that could have ruined the whole thing. Some moments with our kids are not meant to be photographed, just to be purely enjoyed and photographed only with our hearts.

Eating cereal with the boys on the kitchen floor? Yup, that's a picture I'll carry in my heart for a long long time.

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