Sunday, August 4, 2013

Happy 3rd Birthday Macy!

So on Friday, we packed up the boys and drove 7.5 hours south to Effingham, IL (Well, it took us 7.5. If you didn't have to stop twice, it might only take you 6). For the majority of the trip I played flight attendant, sitting turned around in my seat and passing out a constant stream of snacks, dealing with passenger complaints, playing movies and holding a pacifier in Owen's mouth (he has trouble holding it in himself). All the while saying, "Yes we are almost there."

At one point Chris and I passed a giant billboard in the middle of Indiana that read:

Hell is Real.

We got a good laugh out of that. First, because when we passed it, our minivan was full of overtired, sick of riding in a car, noisy children and one hungry baby. Second, because who puts up billboards like that?? 

But every minute of that car ride was SO worth it!

Because we got to celebrate this sweet girl's 3rd birthday,

Something to know about Macy is that she likes to wear dresses, specifically princess dresses. It's not uncommon for her to have several dress changes throughout her day. Lucky for her she has plenty of dresses to change into. :)

Her birthday was no different. She chose a pink chiffon number and rocked it with a Happy Birthday crown and princess wand.

The boys were SO excited to get to celebrate her birthday with her. 

At one point I joked that Macy was the princess and Colin could be the prince. To which he said, "I'm not a prince Mommy! I'm a builder!"

So we decided that he could build a castle for princess Macy. That seemed like a good deal.

My brother Gavin met Owen for the first time this weekend too! 

Such a natural :)

Presents time!

 Gavin took this picture of our brother Kyle watching Macy open a gift of ballet slippers. I love this photo. Kyle is such a wonderful father to his two daughters and I love watching him with them.

Macy's favorite gift though was this new ride:

Can you tell that Macy's favorite color is pink?

One of my favorite moments was watching the boys "helping" Macy ride her new bike down the sidewalk. 

Here's the only picture we have of all the cousins, Reese and Owen included. 

Finn and I holding our babies :-)

He picked out the baby he's carrying as his birthday present for Macy but he also enjoyed taking care of the baby while there. Such a little nurturer he is :)

Happy Birthday Mimi! We love you!!!

Remember Macy's first and second birthdays?

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