Thursday, August 22, 2013

Go fly a kite!

Last night, on a whim, we decided to go to the beach. It was a beautiful evening and the boys had taken a later nap, so we knew they'd have energy to burn!

As soon as we picked a spot near the water, the boys grabbed their shovels and got to work! Digging, digging, digging. If there is sand, they shall dig!

The weather was absolutely perfect. We watched the boys play in the sand and the sailboats sailing in the background. It was so peaceful!

The boys also brought their kite which they've attempted to fly in our yard... never with any real luck. But tonight there seemed to be just enough breeze at the beach, it might just work!

And it did!

Each boy got to take a turn holding the kite and boy did they think they were hot stuff doing it. Chris kept saying "Hold on tight WITH BOTH HANDS!"

After a bit, Owen and I headed back to our blanket and watched from a distance. All of a sudden I saw the kite take off in the wind. Carter had let go.

Then I watched Chris in a dead sprint racing across the beach after this kite. I was concerned (like that the kite would fly into unsuspecting beach goers) but I also could not stop laughing!! Or taking pictures while laughing. Ohmygoodness.

Chris eventually dove for the end of the kite string and got it! He saved the day! Four little boys were very relieved. In fact, the whole kite flying experience was the highlight of the day. I think they'll be talking about this for a while to come!

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