Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Tell me I'm not the only one who has these kinds of mornings.

Owen, smiling over the weekend

I awaken to Owen next to me in bed and I hear the boys with Chris, running around downstairs. They sound like a herd of elephants. "How do such little feet make so much noise?", I wonder.

I look at Owen and he smiles at me. Oh how I love the "first smiles" stage. Makes me optimistic about this day.

This is going to be a good morning!

We head downstairs and I bring the older boys their clothes (score one that I found clean clothes in less than 5 minutes). Chris heads downstairs to his office and our nanny Jordyn arrives.

I make an announcement:

"Let's go to the farmer's market! There will be story time and an animal exhibit, just like every week! It will great!!"

This is going to be a good morning.

The boys begin fighting over what to wear. Finley just wants to go outside without clothes. Nobody wants a diaper change. There is lots of chasing to get them dressed. Two year olds are fast!

Colin is running around naked from the waist down until I finally realize that he's waiting for underwear. Why didn't he just ask me for underwear?

Where are Finley's crocs? The ones that are a size too small but that he loves. "Finley sweetie, can you wear one of the five other pair of shoe options right here by the door?" The answer is a resounding "no". So we hunt for quite a while as tears of concern run down Finley's cheeks. Everyone always takes their shoes off at the door, so it's a real mystery as to where these crocs could have gone.

I end up finding them upstairs in the corner of the bathroom. Of course, because that makes sense.

I tell Jordyn that I'll feed Owen and then we'll be off! Story time at the farmer's market! Let's do this!

Owen is too sleepy to eat. Hmmm..... Well, okay. He's not hungry yet so I'll pump and feed him a bottle during story time. That might actually work better. Things are falling into place.

Now we're off!

As we pull out of the driveway Owen starts wailing. He's hungry. Now he's hungry.

I pray that he'll fall asleep as the car continues moving but he doesn't. So five minutes down the road we pull over and feed him the bottle. I thank the Lord for t.v's in cars as the boys happily watch Winnie the Pooh and wait. 15 minutes later, we're off again.

Owen starts wailing. Again. Is there anything worse than an infant crying at the top of their lungs?

He needs a diaper change. Okay, no problem. We can deal with that.

I forgot diapers. He is my FIFTH child! How do I not know to bring diapers?! How do I forget that essential??

Finally we make it to the farmer's market. The boys fight over who will sit where in the stroller but Owen settles into the Ergo carrier and falls asleep. We head over to story time!

Only there is no story time today. No animal exhibit either. Maybe it was an off day, or maybe I got the time wrong (a distinct possibility).

Awesome. Now what???

We walk around the farmer's market and buy blueberries but it is ungodly hot. "I'm hot!!!!" the boys all say. Again and again and again.

So I make the only decision that seems to makes sense at this juncture.

"Let's go to Target"

I mean really, when all else fails, who doesn't enjoy a trip to Target? Target my friends, might just be the answer to everything.

We make it to Target and then just as I walk in the door I notice that my milk has started running. My shirt is soaked.

This is getting embarrassing.

You'd think that I'd get everyone back in the car and head home but you'd be wrong. Go ahead and stare people, I'm getting my Target shopping done!

Thankfully, I was able to shimmy the Ergo carrier to cover some of the issue... but not all of it.

So that was our morning.

Tell me I'm not the only one who has these mornings?

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