Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Cousins together again!

We had a fantastic weekend!

My brother in law, sister in law, and their two boys came to visit from Toronto. Although we don't get to see them often, it's always so much fun when we do! Our boys all just pick up right where they left off. 

We spent a lot of time at the beach. And there was a lot of digging! Seven boys (nine if you count Chris and Joe- big kids themselves)= a lot of digging! 

Here's one of Owen and I, watching the action from the shade. 

The only bad part about going to the beach? Lugging all the stuff and the kiddos back up the sand dune to leave. Oh how that stinks! I dream of the day when the boys can walk themselves up the dune and carry their own stuff (although that would mean they're older.... and by then I'll probably miss these days too...)

After our family left, our friends Beth and Dave came to visit. Beth has been a professional mentor (occupational therapy) to me and is a dear friend as well. The boys know she is a "professional player" so they are always excited to see her too!

That brings us to today. It is SO hot. Really really really hot. We took the boys to the beach yesterday and it was great, until once again we had to leave. It's about a 300 yard walk from the waters edge to the parking lot, over hot sand and it was about 150 degrees out if not more. Picture me carrying Owen in the ergo and carrying Everett who refused to walk, under my right arm, beach chair in my left. People, I am not in shape. I was dying. I was sweating profusely. It felt like a march across the Sahara desert. Our sweet nanny Jordyn was also racing back and forth from the car carrying supplies and little boys who'd decided they could not take another step. The whole rest of the day I felt the need to constantly offer her water, diet coke or lemonade to re-hydrate her!

But we made it. Barely.

Then last night, my friend informed me that there is a way to avoid that 300 yard sweltering walk by parking in the further lot. Didn't know there was a further lot closer to the beach.... but you bet we'll be driving around until we find it next time!

Or, we could always just go back to carcass beach. 

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