Monday, July 29, 2013

In other news!

In other news...... notice anything new on this blog?!

The old picture, as much as I loved seeing three little babies and cute little Colin, had become outdated. Those three little babies aren't babies anymore. They're little boys (sniff sniff). Not to mention that picture was also outdated because we added another baby to our clan!

It's a little sad to say goodbye to that old picture because it represented such a special (albeit sometimes challenging!) time in our lives. That picture first went up on my blog a few nights before we had our triplet boys. I'd worked on a new blog design while on bed rest with the triplets (with help from a designer- don't think I know how to code or do anything techy like that!!).

Then the triplets arrived and with them came many sleepless nights, lots of bottles, and lots of time spent pumping milk and rocking babies. Days and nights were spent in the basement. That time period stretched us and challenged us and brought us so much joy in so many ways. But that time period has passed. In short, we've all grown up a bit since that picture was placed on the header. 

I love how in the new picture, three of the boys are hanging on me in some way because that so mirrors my life right now!

I also made some other changes/ additions to the blog including adding Instagram which I still don't really get but my sister- in- law joined it so I did too! :) I love seeing pictures of her girls on there!

You can also check out my Ava Anderson Non-toxic business page which I'll explain more about when I can get some time. I became a consultant for Ava Anderson this summer because I love their products and their intention. Ava Anderson products are what Chris and I use for ourselves, our boys and in our home. I feel very passionate about spreading the message about harmful chemicals in our everyday products and providing people with a high quality alternative. It's also just a great company to be a part of and allows me to work part time from home as much as I want. Win win!

There are quite a few pages that still need updating but I'll get to those as I can. Right now Owen is making faces at me and he wins out over updating blog pages any day of the week! ;)

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