Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Cave

Chris's mom was here last week, which was a HUGE help. On Saturday she left and it's been just the six of us ever since, hanging out together in the basement. Through the blinds I can see that it's been beautiful out, but I really wouldn't know because we haven't ventured out. We've started calling the basement, "the cave" because at times, that's exactly what it feels like. 

There have been some moments were I'm pretty sure we're living in crazy town, USA. Those moments usually involve three babies crying at once, Colin frustrated, Chris and I exhausted and sick of being cooped up, or getting peed on repeatedly. I remind myself that one day we'll leave the basement. It will be easier to go out and do things as a family and they'll get big enough so that having them on other floors of the house won't feel overwhelming. This time will not last forever.

 Then things settle again. 

Colin holds and feeds a baby with the utmost care and places a kiss on each babies forehead, Chris smiles at me across the room, Chris, Colin and I eat lunch together at his mini table and chairs, I lay with three babies snuggled around me, Colin asks to place the babies in their bouncy chairs to watch him play.... These are the truly good moments when again I think, this time will not last forever. 

 One day the cave will be a distant memory. As crazy as these long days in the basement get, I can already picture the day when chris and I will long to be transported back to this time, the six of us hanging out for hours on end, together in the cave. 

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