Friday, July 19, 2013

Evening nature walk

I came outside after feeding Owen to find my herd of little men marching around the yard with sticks announcing that they were on a nature walk and looking for "stuff".  "Stuff" meaning bugs, sticks, birds, maybe a rabbit if they're lucky..."

You know, stuff.

"Hey, let's go on a nature walk around the yard!" is what we'll often suggest when the boys are getting restless and we're out of ideas. It's one of those go to activities for us.

Because they're ALWAYS up for it.

Looking good Carter!

Searching for a rabbit that they saw go into the bushes on the previous day

Note to younger self,

One day your children will run around the yard, half naked, one even wearing a backpack that's really a child's leash (this one). They will be dirty. Really dirty. And you will smile and consider this a victory.

Because at least they aren't fighting.

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