Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Olive's day at the Amusement Park

Our last day with the cousin's, we decided to take the kids to Dutch Village. In a nutshell it's a small theme park for kids. They have a merry-go-round, a petting zoo, a swing ride, a large wooden shoe for kids to climb in and slide down, people dancing in clogs, all the while highlighting the Dutch heritage that Holland has.

Chris couldn't go because he had to work so it was my brother in law, sister in law, their two boys and my four. However we drove separately (can't all take one car when there are six kids in car seats!).

Getting out of the house was the same old mad rush of getting all four dressed and into their car seats and going through the mental list: "Did I remember diapers? Do I have the stroller? Do I have their hats, sunscreen, drinks, a snack in case they get cranky, my coffee so I don't get cranky?," and on and on. I was in the car ready to back out three times before putting the car in park again and running in for something forgotten.

But then we were off and I must say I was feeling pretty good about myself. We were out of the house, everyone was happy, we left with a good amount of time before the trips would need their nap, I was pretty sure I'd remembered everything...... I gave myself a mental pat on the back and re-affirmed to myself, "See you CAN do this."

We pull into the entrance to the park, I roll down my window and smile at the lady, dressed in her Netherlands attire. When I talk to her, no one in the car is screaming in the background and this also feels like a win. The day is going great.

Me: "Hi! I need one adult ticket and one child ticket. The other three are under two."

Lady dressed in Netherlands attire: "Okay, wonderful. That will be ____ dollars."

Then Lady adds: "Oh and she's so cute. She can go too, just be sure she stays on a leash"

WHAT THE??? What is she talking about.....


There on the passenger seat sits Olive, our dog, plain as day. Only I hadn't noticed her until this very moment. She must have snuck into the car while I was running in and out of the house loading kids.


Now what do I do? She wasn't wearing a collar. I didn't have her leash in the car. There was no time to go home, no where close to buy a collar and leash. I was racking my brain..... and mentally taking back that pat on the back. Who takes their kids to a theme park and doesn't even realize that their dog is riding next to them the whole way?! But going home wasn't an option. Just like on this day, I'm determined that once we've made the huge effort to get out of the house, we are not returning without doing something! Today was no different. I wasn't about to make the drive home just because Olive was with us. Although given the heat index, leaving her in the car, even with the windows cracked wasn't a safe option.

Then I opened the trunk and found our solution.

These leashes that I'd bought for the triplets following a scary moment at the zoo earlier in the summer. I've always thought that those kid leashes were pretty ridiculous. That is until one day at the zoo when the trips wanted to get out of their choo choo wagon to peer into an aquarium full of fish and in the process of helping them do that, they took off running on opposite directions.

Ten minutes after that scary incident, I found myself in the zoo gift shop purchasing three leashes.

They work, FYI.

The trips love them,

But people stare,

And judge.

However, these leashes saved the day yesterday! I put the monkey backpack/ leash on Olive. It fit almost perfectly, and off we all went.

Olive also spent time in the stroller.

At one point, both Carter and Olive were on leashes meant for kids.... !!!


I held my head high.

The kids and even us adults had SUCH a great time and that's all that mattered!

We left hot, tired, a bit cranky but with great memories and lots of reasons to look back and remember this trip to Dutch Village.

My sister-in-law, who has a great ability to see the best in any situation, suggested that I write a children's book entitled, "Olive's Day at the Amusement Park".

We had a good laugh.

The boys and I entering the park. Couldn't manage without our Valco and Ergo carrier!! 

I thought this was hilarious and just calling out to us for a picture.


Kristin said...

Hi Jessica-- My mom told us about your blog and I pop in when I can. THIS is the best post ever! Totally laughed out loud. I'm glad pets were allowed and you were able to enjoy the day. :) The boys are adorable! --Kristin Scibienski

Casey and Karen said...

Thank you for the giggles. What a hilarious story with great pictures :)