Friday, June 7, 2013

and we thought we were busy with triplets.....

A little over four years ago, when we brought Colin home from the hospital, we were in awe over how fantastic it was to be his parents, and also how much work a newborn was! I'll never forget when my parents left after helping us for the first week. There I was, standing at the front door holding this tiny baby, waving goodbye and thinking, "Now what?!" 

Two years later we had triplets and that made us sit back and wonder what on earth we thought was so hard about caring for just one baby. It's all about perspective I guess. Having triplets taught us many things. Just a few examples:

- You don't need to always put an undershirt on a baby. Just put the pajamas on!
-  One piece zip up p.j.s are the bomb. The "after having triplets me" would never again buy that cute newborn sweater outfit with 20 tiny buttons- BUTTONS! Complete with newborn socks and sneakers to match. Seriously.... what was I thinking?!
- Baths don't need to happen every night.... we're shooting for once.... maybe twice a week over here!
- Changing tables= over rated. A blanket and a bed, floor, ottoman, couch, my lap... where ever we are at the moment is the easiest place to change a baby (in my opinion).
- Aden + Anais swaddle blankets = couldn't live without them!

Two years after welcoming triplets and here we are, welcoming another son. If we thought we were busy with triplets, well..... this period feels even busier. That's the truth. I feel blessed beyond measure to have another child. I'm also thankful to have the lessons and experience of parenting four other newborns under my belt because it helps us not sweat the small stuff, to focus on what's really important this time around. Those past experiences ensure that I won't be dressing Owen in an outfit with 20 tiny buttons to fasten and unfasten every diaper change. Past experience also means that I can put on a Moby wrap in 5 seconds flat with my eyes closed. :-)

But man are we busy. Our priority is our children, getting time with all of them and meeting each of their needs, which has felt challenging some days especially while nursing and trying to recover and get some sleep. Every minute of the day is filled and there aren't enough minutes in the day! That hasn't left really any time for blogging, posting pictures, showering, or returning phone calls. My mom has been here for two weeks and my dad has been here as much as possible to help too. Our nanny Jordyn has been incredible, as always. Our boys are getting lots and lots of love and attention. It really does take a village over here! Especially these days. I'm not sure where we'd be without their support. 

Despite a few initial bumps week one, we're slowly figuring it out. If having triplets taught us anything, it's that you gotta go with the flow, take one day at a time (sometimes one hour at a time!) and make the most of little moments. 

Here are a few pictures from the first week and a half,

 Getting ready to go home from the hospital:

And two days later, Owen's first doctors visit:

Certainly a highlight of the week was when my in laws came to visit and we got to capture a picture of my father Owen and my father in law Marvin with baby Owen Marvin. Our little guy is named after two great men!

Colin acquired two pets this week. He greeted me with this jar of beetles while nursing one morning. Their names change daily. Today they are Tim and Polly.

 Totally outnumbered!

All the time!

What a little cutie:

Trip to the beach with just the older boys: 

While at the beach, Chris and I both commented how already it felt like someone was missing. Even the boys would come up to us and say, "Baby Owen?" We can't imagine life without Owen in it. 

Proud big brother! One of these days I'm going to post pictures from when Colin met Owen at the hospital. It will go down as one of my favorite memories of all time. All of our boys have been incredibly sweet and welcoming to Owen. No jealousy (so far), just love. Truly. I'm thinking that perhaps they're already used to sharing us so what's one more in their eyes? Whatever the reasons, I'm grateful that they've welcomed him so lovingly.

Colin has also been capturing pictures on his camera. Too cute!

I'm so thankful to be welcoming baby Owen at a time of year when the weather is so nice. We've been able to get outside and play which is key to everybody's sanity!

Some of my favorite memories from this past week involve sitting outside with Owen, feeling the warm breeze and watching the boys play.

Can you spy Everett?

The day I took this was the morning after Owen finally slept for a chunk of time during the night (he seemed to have his days and nights mixed up for a few initial days). I felt semi rested, the breeze was warm, the boys were playing nicely and I had my new baby wrapped to me. All seemed perfectly right in the world. 

No doubt, we could not have made it through these past two weeks without the help of my parents!!!

They left today (sniff sniff), so this weekend it will be just the seven of us. Fingers crossed that Chris and I can handle all these boys on our own :-)


Karen King said...

Hi sorry I'm wondering where you got the children's table and chairs from? Congratulations as well, such a lovely family! All the best.

Mama to four little blessings! said...

The table is from Ikea! The chairs are from a previous table set... possibly from Toys r Us but I forget. We also have matching green stools for the round table that are from Ikea too.