Monday, June 17, 2013

A late night BBQ is better than nothing!

Being as though yesterday was Father's Day, I'd hoped to blog something. But, like most days lately, the day got away from me. I used to blog in the evenings when the boys are all asleep. However, now we have Owen, who is very awake in the evenings and wants me all to himself! He doesn't want me doing anything else and for now, he's king, so I happily oblige.

Yesterday, while I'm sure some dads were getting a break, Chris continued working hard to keep our not so little family running. Sometime between breaking up fights and getting peed on, I told him that I was sorry he wasn't getting to relax at all. In true Chris fashion he said, "It's okay, someday I will." 

We actually had a really fun day with the boys. A highlight of the day was when we filled the pool and gave the boys sponges and a canister of shaving cream so they could have a car wash. They all played together so nicely, and for a long time!! It was a Father's Day miracle! Chris and I were able to actually sit with our coffee and have a conversation while watching them play.

Owen, 3 weeks

Chris is a great Dad in so many ways but I think one of the things that I'm most grateful for, is how present he is in their lives. He loves to be with his boys and is there for the fun stuff, the hard stuff, and the monotonous stuff. Always prioritizing the needs of our family above all else. What more could I wish for them?

One of the things Chris had said that he wanted to do on Father's Day was grill out. Finally, at 9:30 p.m. he got his wish! I don't eat meat, but I sat with him on the deck, in the quiet, and we chatted as he ate his grilled chicken and drank his glass of wine. Well deserved!

and look at Olive patiently waiting!

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