Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Dear boys,

Boy did your dreams come true this afternoon!

A huge truck pulled up to the house, complete with a crane type thing on top, to deliver the dry wall for the basement.

Nothing could have been more exciting.

You all pressed your faces against the window, and kept saying things like, "Wow!" (Carter, Everett), "This is AMAZING!" (Colin) and "Hi!" (Finn).

Colin also said at one point, "I can't believe this is happening at our house!!" hahaha

Yes, it was all very exciting.

We got such a kick out of watching you boys this afternoon. If only we had deliveries every day.....

Carter, Colin, Finn and Everett

Everett, Carter and Finn, watching them carry the drywall down to the basement, utterly amazed.

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