Sunday, August 5, 2012

Scenes from a weekend

Saturday was the opposite of Friday. If Friday felt overwhelming and exhausting, Saturday felt just plain good. 

Chris let me sleep in and when I came downstairs the boys all ran over and enveloped me with hugs. It felt like they were saying, "Where ya been all morning?!" "We love you!" and "Today's a new day!" all in one big group hug.

Saturday was a new day.

We pretended that everyone was eating at a restaurant for lunch. I forget how it even started. But I ended up being the waitress (what else is new-haha) and showed Chris and Colin to their seats. I explained that the babies also worked at the restaurant which explained why they were buzzing around the table. Colin got quite a kick out of how the workers (aka trips) weren't really listening to my directions. It all turned into an elaborate play scheme that was so simple yet so fun. Chris and I kept looking at each other and laughing. Especially when Colin said, "Excuse me sir, do you have a bathroom at this restaurant?" Followed by acting as though he'd gotten lost trying to find it.

We went on a bike ride/ walk. Colin rode his new bike and Chris pulled the choo choo wagon. I got to walk with my arms swinging freely and just enjoy. Heaven!

We made pizza and forts. 

Chris and Colin spent time working on the basement, which we've slowly begun to frame out. 

Apparently a fire man's hat is critical to basement work.

It's striking how much easier things go when Chris and I can be together as parents. No work, no commitments, no schedule, no distractions. Just us, enjoying each other and our boys. There's nothing better.

Lately we've been apart quite a bit. The boys and I have been traveling to my parents house during the week and Chris has had to go to London for work twice in the last month. 

He left for London again today. :(

We love being at my parents house and get great support here. The boys thrive here and believe me I feel blessed to have somewhere to go so that I don't have to parent completely alone when Chris is gone.

But boy oh boy to I miss him when he's gone. I miss his help and I miss him. 

Counting the days till we can have another simple Saturday.

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