Thursday, August 2, 2012

Growing pains

3 years, 5 months

Dear Colin,

This is one of those "stop growing so fast pleeeaaaase!" posts.

When Mom-mom and Pop-pop left our house, the plan was for you, your brothers and I to follow about an hour behind and spend the week with them, while Daddy got some work done.

As they went to leave, you suddenly piped up and declared, "I want to ride with them!"

Me: "Really? O.k.... sure... ummm... well.... we'll just put your car seat in their car... wait, are you sure??" (Although Colin is extremely close to both sets of his grandparents and sees them quite often, he does not usually separate from Chris or I that easily. Plus this was a long car trip, not just a trip to the store or something. I was worried he didn't understand fully how long it would be and in turn would change his mind mid-trip)


And I knew by the tone of your voice and the look on your face, you were.

So we switched your car seat into their car and I loaded you up. I told Mom-mom to offer lollipops when you started to miss me and second guess your decision (never happened. Well, the missing me part never happened but Mom-mom reported that you ate three lollipops over the course of the trip :)

I also told you that I'd run in and grab your giraffe lovey, which you always take on car trips. In my head I was relieved that I'd thought of this because surely you would not be okay without it, I mean, missing me and all.

But you stopped me.

"No Mommy. I not need that."

And then,

"I'm not a child anymore."

I knew what you meant. Clearly you were fine and I was the one who needed to get a hold of myself.

Message received little man, message received.

So I put on my brave face. I smiled and waved goodbye as you confidently waved back and the car drove off.

When I called to check in, you were having a fantastic time.

I know that you're going to grow up and yet sometimes your growing catches me off guard in ways I'm not prepared for.

This week we also bought you a bike. It was the fulfillment of a promise we had made to you earlier in the summer.

I love watching you ride around on your big boy bike but again it reminded me of how fast your growing up. I watched you ride around the driveway and couldn't help but think, didn't I just have you?? Wasn't it just yesterday, you were my little 8 lb wide eyed baby that I'd push around the neighborhood in the Graco car seat stroller?? That feels like yesterday.

I know I'm sentimental (probably why I have a blog in the first place and write all these sappy memories down!) but seriously, this growing up thing seems to be gaining speed these days. 

And I want to slow it down. Just for a bit at least. 

That's Finn on my back. :)

I'm savoring nights like these lately. Me and my boys and a new red bike.

By the way, the trips were extremely curious about this new bike!!! I had to consciously stop my mind from picturing the day that the trips are all on bikes! Lord help us when that day comes.

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