Thursday, August 16, 2012


Chris arrived home safe and sound from London late Friday night.

Saturday morning, I took off for Chicago to visit my friend Laurie in Chicago and get some "me" time.

Much needed!

Hot Chocolate!! YUM!

I can't decide what my favorite part was.


  • Driving in the car, ALONE. No, "Mom I dropped my sippy cup", or, "Mommy I have to pee" (most likely after we just left the house), or Winnie the Pooh, the movie playing for the 100th time over the car t.v. Also, I didn't have to stop drinking three hours in advance of the trip so as not to have to stop and go to the bathroom with four kids in car seats. I had my coffee, my music and the open road. 
  • Picking up Chipotle for lunch ALONE and then sitting with my dear friend in her perfectly air conditioned and quiet apartment, without anyone pulling at my arms and legs as I ate.
  • My late afternoon siesta, reading magazines and napping JUST BECAUSE I COULD. 
  • Dressing up for dinner, complete with borrowed make-up (because in true Jessica fashion, I forgot any and every bit of make-up that I own. Borrowing from my friend ended up being fun though! Like getting a make-over without the cost- heehee)
  • Catching up with girlfriends over wine. 
  • Eating a dinner that I didn't have to prepare!
  • Getting to see my brother, who when we lived in the same city, used to pop over for dinner, to watch t.v. with me, or basically any time I needed him. We saw him all the time. Miss that kid.
  • Sleeping in on Sunday morning until whatever time I wanted too!!! Waking up when my body decided that it wasn't tired anymore instead of upon hearing screams for mom.
Each of these things were little slices of heaven. I needed a break and Chicago delivered. 

After brunch on Sunday, having been gone just over 24 hours, I headed home feeling refreshed.... and let's be honest, a smidgen hungover. Just a smidgen. I can't hang anymore!

Upon arriving home, I literally ran from the car through the front door. I couldn't wait to get my hands on my guys! It was all welcome home smiles and hugs for about 10 minutes, and then someone had a meltdown over something, someone else fell and was devastated, another screamed for milk that couldn't be poured fast enough, another spilled milk everywhere and thought it was funny..... and on and on the night went. 

It was back to reality for this mom, only I felt more up to the challenge. Less frazzled.

Every mom needs a break. 



Someone who knows a thing or two about taking time for themselves?

This guy:

Complete with drool bubble

Taz, so good to see you too!

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