Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Something I'd NEVER have done when I had just one...

Today I let my kid run around barefoot at a bar. At a bar that proudly describes themselves as a, 'Dive Bar' on the front of their building.


Just give me a gold star for the day right now. 

It's a long story.... 

First, we have no appliances yet, except for a mini fridge we brought and an old dishwasher that came with the house. No stove, no washer/drier. It's proving interesting. In a way, I feel like I'm in the peace corp again... except when I was in the peace corp I didn't have four children to feed and take care of. 

Our new refrigerator, stove, microwave, dishwasher, washer and dryer arrive on Thursday. I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!

In truth, "moving in" has proved more difficult than I thought simply because caring for kids is also such a full time job. It's hard to find any time to unpack boxes and quite frankly, by the end of the day when the kids finally go to bed, we are too tired to do much. I know it will get done though, eventually!

So basically the kiddos are wearing whatever we can find to put on them and we're feeding them whatever can fit into the mini fridge- or we'll go out to eat. 

Which leads me to tonight and the, "I let my kid run around barefoot in a bar" decision.

There wasn't much food in the mini-fridge, even though I'd just gotten back from a Walmart run (nice job on my part, completely forgetting to buy more food). So I pulled into the driveway, picked up Chris and Colin and we headed down the street to a bar that serves amazing food. Only thing was I didn't have shoes for the trips. Another not so good move on our part because after sitting patiently in a grocery cart at Walmart for an hour and then in their car seats for a while, they wanted to move, especially Everett. Oh was he mad when we tried and tried to make him sit in his highchair. He wouldn't even let me hold him and walk him. He wanted and needed to walk around himself.

So- down he went.

You know what? He lived. Sure I got looks, but when his meal finally came he was happy to sit down and eat and in turn, we also got to eat. 

Chris and I were totally laughing about this on the drive home. How when we just had Colin and he was that age, we'd NEVER have allowed him to do something like that! We might even be horrified if we saw someone else doing this. 

Maybe with each kid you have, you relax even more. Maybe we've relaxed too much, who knows.

All I know is I can't wait until my our new appliances arrive and I can make family meals in my kitchen and unabashedly let my babies run around barefoot all around me. 

Tonight, the boys put on matching new Walmart p.js and we sang a made up song about this over and over.

Even though we now have four bedrooms, the boys all still share. I'm not sure how long this will last but for now it's what works for them, and us. 

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