Monday, May 7, 2012

Let's just say,

It needs a little work....

Hello, dated kitchen with no stove

Previous to this trip, I'd spent a total of about 5 minutes in this house when our realtor took us through. During that one and only showing of the house, we walked in, looked around and thought, "Nope, this house isn't for us!" I'd thought it was too small and required too much work!

Actually, Chris saw potential and therefor was intrigued from the start but I worried about the amount of updating that it needed and that we might outgrow it too fast. Long story short, we decided to go for it, bought the house and in turn, signed up for another renovation project. Every single room is extremely outdated and the outside isn't much better at this point. Sound like a gem??

To us, it's a diamond in the rough. Just needs lots of TLC.

We have a lot of ideas but will be working on a tight budget, not to mention surrounded by curious little men who keep us very busy! So I'm hoping that we can find a good handy man and hire much of this work out. And I know I have to be patient because it can't all get done at once!

Although I've rarely talked much about the renovations we did to our current home here on this blog, I think that this time around I'll document progress here and post some pictures along the way as we slowly try and transform this home.

I will admit, I had a small freak out moment when we first walked through the home. The thought of "What have we done?!" crossed my mind when I realized just how outdated the home really is. I was trying to stay all positive for Colin's sake but inside I was FREAKING OUT. Chris could tell and in an effort to try and focus this energy, suggested that I walk around the house and make a 'to do' list. Although the list ended up being two pages, I realized that the changes this time around are really all cosmetic... no walls need to be moved for example (although two need to come down asap). This made me feel much better. It's all doable.

 This is one of the walls that needs to come down asap, in my opinion. Not digging the cut out wall.
Slowly, we'll tackle it all.

Also, this house is .7 miles from the beach via an adorable tree lined bike path.

I'm officially excited... but also left feeling like we have a mountain to climb to get there. The movers come in just over two weeks.

Lots to do!

Lots of goodbyes to be said.

Oh how I hate that part.

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