Thursday, April 5, 2012

The fact that I didn't loose my mind this week...

feels like a win.

This week was hard. Really hard. 

 I got home Monday night from Michigan.... and then Chris left about an hour later to catch a flight to Seattle. 

Which means I was a solo parent this week and although I knew it'd be challenging, it ended up being harder than I anticipated (ha. Have I mentioned how hard it was yet??)

For me, the harder part was balancing the needs of Colin with the needs of the babies. They are at such different stages and it's hard to find a way to keep them all happy, occupied and out of trouble when I'm caring for them alone.

All I have to say is that I realize today more than ever how truly blessed we are to have Amelie. I'm not even sure what to refer to her as anymore... Mother's helperNanny? Family. Yup, she is family to us now.

Wouldn't have made it through the week without her help!

Amelie, taking one for the team!
And what an amazing husband and partner on this crazy ride I have in Chris. 

He returned home to a little boy, up way past his bedtime but soooo excited to greet him.

All feels right in the world again.

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