Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Oh boy...

My sweet little boy, last summer at the lake

So Colin's sitting and drinking a juice box and the straw gets stuck down inside. Has this happened to you? It's kind of annoying.

He looks. Tries to pull it out and says, "Sh#t." 

 I can hardly believe my ears. My sweet little boy! Where has he heard this garbage talk?!

Okay so maybe I have occasionally uttered those words but it's certainly not regular verbiage in our home and especially around our children. But he must of heard it.... maybe last week when my spinach smoothie dropped on the floor and the glass shattered splashing green stuff and glass particles all over the kitchen while overtired and hungry babies fussed in the background... Yeah, I remember that being an "Oh ___" moment.

So after I shockingly ask him, "What did you say?!"

He casually repeats himself, only this time louder and with umph!

And so right there in the middle of making pizza dough and unpacking groceries, Chris and I end up having a conversation with our almost three year old about how some words are not nice to say, like the one you just said and even if you hear somebody say it, it's still not something you should say.....

I feel like we're walking a fine line, not wanting to give the word power and yet emphasizing that you shouldn't be saying it (I'm just imagining the play dates we have planned for this week!)

We search his face to see if it's sinking in or if this new word might stick. 

"Oh. Okay"

We shall see how this plays out.... 

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