Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Wonderland Express


Dear Finn,

This morning Aunt Madeline, cousin Macy, Colin, you and I went to see the wonderland express. You got to go because Everett got up wayyyy too early today and in turn got lots of pre-dawn one on one time with me, and Carter was still napping soundly when we left.

On our way and THRILLED to be going anywhere!

I think Colin and Macy enjoyed the train for the most part, but Colin was pretty disappointed that you couldn't actually touch or play with or ride the train. 'Just looking' is no fun when you're two years old!

But you, sweet Finn. You LOVED it! You were, as we so often say about you, filled with joy.

You were just content as can be facing out in the moby wrap, excitedly moving your arms and legs as the trains passed by.

When we stopped to eat lunch, you were trying to make eye contact with anyone and everyone around you, then you'd smile and laugh and work your magic. Such the charmer you are!

The crew, lunching. As I took this picture Colin was saying, "Mommy, no cheese. Me eating!"
"Excuse me, do I have anything on my face?"

Finn, you seemed just SO thrilled to be out of the house and experiencing a different environment with so many new sounds, faces, colors and experiences!

Sometimes, like today as I watched you so enjoy yourself, I feel guilty/ sad that we don't can't leave the house more. It's logistically impossible for me to take all four of you anywhere by myself. Even with help, it can be a real challenge. We do the best we can. If I had octopus arms, it'd be easier.

Someday it will get easier and we'll all explore the world together.

But I loved seeing you enjoy your little outing so much.

You are so fun to be around. 

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