Monday, December 12, 2011


Whoa....seriously, what a day. Way too little sleep yet so many fires to put out today.

But here's what I sort of love about being a parent. 

For me, no matter how crazy the day gets, there's always that one random moment that seems to redeem the day and remind me how amazing it is to care for my boys. 

Colin is potty training. You may remember from an earlier post that we "jumped right into potty training!" Well, after that we prompting "jumped right out". He wasn't ready.... probably more so, I wasn't ready. Having three babies makes potty training even trickier. 

But this week, we really did take the plunge. No pull-ups. Just bought undies, woke up one morning and put them on. It's going pretty well over all and I'm so proud of him. I'm just doing even more laundry :-)

But so today, Amelie my helper, left at 1:30 while all the boys were soundly sleeping. I think she didn't even get through the gate and the babies were all up again. 

For whatever reason they were soooo fussy all afternoon. So I was trying to deal with that plus support Colin's potty training. It was CRAZY town here. 

At one point, while I bounced three babies in my arms, I saw Colin make the decision to move his potty seat across the room. Only problem? There was quite a bit of pee inside that I hadn't had a free moment to take care off. 

Before I could even say anything or get to him he was clumsily carrying it across the room, pee flying everywhere and splashing a great distance with every step. 

"Uh, ohhh" was all he said.

Ready to pull out my hair, I decided to give everyone a bath to pass the time until Chris got home and mainly in an effort to just contain everyone.

So there we were crammed in our small bathroom. I moved the i pod dock in there too, so that we could play music. The babies were lined up in their bath chairs laughing and splashing away. Colin picked up a toy and it turned into a microphone. A few seconds later, the side of the bathtub became a piano.

Maybe it was the craziness of the day or just my exhaustion, but I decided to fully join in.

I sang, I danced, I acted a fool with my kids.

They loved it.

I love these mothering moments because they make all the other hard work and sacrifice worth it a thousand times over.

Just me and my boys laughing and singing and having a blast.

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