Thursday, November 17, 2011


You ran me ragged today! Holy moly are you into everything and testing the limits of your physicality every chance you get. For a while, and I mean a looooong time, you've been able to get up on all fours and rock. Then one day, perhaps after your thousandth rock, you took off! It was exciting!

Then that excitement turned to "O.M.G. how do I contain him?!"

You are into everything! 

Perhaps a day after you learned to crawl, you pulled to stand in your crib, captured here. Now, you are pulling to stand on everything and everywhere. What you're not yet able to do is let go and balance.... but you do let go. And you fall. And you fall. And you fall. You're making me so nervous!!

Here's the problem. I kind of have a lot of kids to look after in one space. On many occasions today, I'd turn my head to be with one of your brothers, and turn back to find you standing by the couch trying to grab something, and in the process let go and fall backwards. One time I turned away only to look back to find you standing wearing a big smile and waving one hand in the air.... and the other pressed into Carter's face, using him as leverage. Carter was not pleased.

You can also suddenly crawl over the pillows that divide the room in half. One half of the room is designated for Colin's toys and one half is where you babies can safely play. I can tell by the glare Colin gives you as you begin your climb and decent over the pillows, that he's a little worried....

"Mommy, Oh NO! Look! He's coming!" Colin will point and yell.

(This always sort of makes me laugh because the way Colin talks you would think Everett was a sophisticated stealer of toys intent on causing destruction.) 

He strikes again!
And I thought I'd have a glorious few weeks where all three triplets were in the "sitting" phase, unable to move and get into stuff but happy to sit and play upright...... hahaha, what a pipe dream.

Watch out Everett, Finn and Carter are right on your tail!... they're quickly getting the hang of crawling too.


Okay, I just re-read that last line and I'm laughing because really I'm the one (not Everett) who better watch out as they all start motoring!!! Sometimes, like today, I seriously wonder how we'll manage three little boys moving all about, getting into everything, testing the limits of their bodies as they pull to stand and try and let go... and then when they (deep breath) try their hand at walking. Especially within an environment that has a 2 1/2 year old who wants to play with his big boy toys too, such as making long and winding train tracks for his trains and trucks to ride on (Oh how the babies LOVE to try and get at those train tracks!)

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE watching them grow and develop and I'm reminded everyday what a true blessing it is that they are each healthy, curious and engaging. Still, while I welcome each of these little phases, it can be daunting to think about how we continue to adapt their environment to be safe for them.  For example, it was just last week that Chris and I thought that lining the couch pillows up to keep the babies away from Colin's toys was so brilliant. That lasted about three days until becoming completely ineffective. Luckily, I know we are not the first family to deal with this issue and like everything else so far, I suppose we'll just figure it out as we go.....

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Karen said...

My friend resorted to a huge, round gate thing to keep her twins contained--especially once they started walking. Laina is just like Everett. She almost jumped out of her highchair tonight. Somehow she has survived putting all of Kinsley's little toys in her mouth, so hopefully the triplets will fair well putting Colin's toys in theirs :)